Planet B is on a mission to empower everyone to stand up for people and our planet by making quality, informed choices. Whether that is switching toothpastes, building profitable business models that solve social issues or advocating for policy change, we know that everyone has their power to make change.

For too long our world has been fixated on profit and allowed it to reign supreme at the expense of people and our planet (that was plan A!)… That approach is not just bad for people and the planet, it is actually bad for business! We have a better way for businesses, government and citizens.

Welcome to Planet B!

Our Purpose

We exist to inspire a movement of people to find their power to change the world.

It really is that simple.

We don’t try and push people down one track for social change but we do push people to build momentum for change. We believe that in order to truly solve social issues there needs to be a systems change in the way we approach capitalism. What we value, how we exchange value and why we interact needs to fundamentally shift.

The Planet B Story

Freaked out by the state of the world with issues like climate change, social inequality, environmental destruction and global poverty, Laura seemed to have endless discussions with her friends about wanting to change the world but not really knowing how.

Working at one of Australia’s largest financial institutions, she dreamed of what would happen if their resources could be used to both change the world AND maintain healthy profits. She saw a few initiatives both at the bank and in global case studies of how business can help change the lives of people and protect our planet that wasn’t at the expense of profit.

This blew her mind!

So she decided to become part of the solution and to empower her friends with actionable insights, tools and resources that help them to stand up for people and our planet by creating profitable business models that solve social issues. This could be in the office, on the streets, in the home or even when we are dreaming!

She is on a mission to prove that profitable business doesn’t have to be at the expense of people or the planet and we hope you become part of our story by changing the world with us!

Currently on an 8 month research tour, Laura is travelling through Europe and Asia to research how different countries are managing social and environmental challenges through innovative business and charity models as well as Government policy. Check out the blog and social media to stay up to date with the latest!

How we do it

Compelling Insights
Planet B’s insights are leading the way in driving a new plan for business and our planet. Our founder is a massive nerd who loves reading, writing and listening to people. It is a collection of reflections, experiences, interactions and musings to spark change.

Action Led Advisory
We offer advisory services that include delivering practical, inspiring and purpose led outcomes for businesses.

Innovative Partnerships
We love to bring different people together to solve social issues. Our network is growing rapidly and we want to build a unique community of people who love to chat, contribute to Planet B and create partnerships that will change the world!
Please contact us if you would like to discuss partnership opportunities!


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