The Planet B Story

Planet B Insights is on a mission to empower everyone to have more powerful conversations about the big issues in the world. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the issues in the world. The media pumps out negative messages. Our leaders are less than inspirational. It often seems like there is no hope left.

Positive conversations lead to positive action.

There may not be a planet B, but there is a plan B. And that plan starts with having new conversations about the issues that matter.


We exist to inspire a movement of people to have powerful conversations that can change the world.

It really is that simple.

We don’t try and push people down one track for social change but we do push people to build momentum for change. We believe that in order to truly solve social issues there needs to be a systems change in the way we approach capitalism. What we value, how we exchange value and why we interact needs to fundamentally shift.

Meet Laura

Enjoying a piwo in Poland!

Hi, I am Laura! I am an explorer, traveller and most importantly conversation lover. The best moments in my life usually involves an interesting topic, a few of my favourite people and maybe a glass of wine or two. I believe that conversations are super powerful. My travel in 2019 convinced me of this (check out more about my travels here). I had conversations with people about climate change and the environment in 23 countries.

They ranged from intellectual chats in a professor’s office to chats to alleviate boredom at a bus platform. I learned so many things and I am so grateful for each conversation.

Now, back in Australia, these conversations are leading to action. Read through my insights from my travels and I hope it sparks a new conversation with you and your colleagues, friends and family. Also, if you have ideas about how we can change the world, I would love to hear from you!