On a global tour, Planet B’s focus is to write about the role of business, Government and individuals to improve society by addressing social and environmental issues with new business models and ways of working. 

To achieve this, we meet with world changers, business leaders, social activists and innovative creators to hear their views about how we can make our world a better place.
After these amazing conversations, our founder Laura writes up posts full of insights and practical tips to drive sustainable change whether in the office, at home or out with friends.

Our interests include:

  • Understanding sustainability on the streets (plastic usage, waste management, clean energy, public transport)
  • Learning about new business models (startups and big businesses who are creating profitable businesses that solve social issues) 
  • Discovering how Government policy can incentivise lasting change.

Planet B Insights focuses on creating great content from around the world to make global issues local. We have some sustainability reporters in places around the world who also actively contribute to the blog.

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